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Your company needs to be prepared to deal quickly and effectively with the reality of network downtime due to unavoidable circumstances, whether it’s an earthquake, a downed server or file corruption. Having a solid disaster recovery plan in place can be the difference between staying in business and counting up your losses.

Benchmark Information Technology can help you design and implement backup strategies that support your critical data and infrastructure, prevent loss of valuable business data, and get your employees, systems and applications back to work in the shortest possible time.

Our Microsoft Certified computer consultants can devise a comprehensive strategy to keep your core business functions up and running should you lose access to mission-critical servers or any the primary systems you use to process orders, deliver products and services, collect receivables, pay bills or make payroll. Benchmark Information Technology will work with you to make sure you’re prepared in case of a technological or other catastrophe. Our disaster recovery specialists can help you design a network and create a strategy that can help keep your business on track. Building a solid network architecture today helps you avert disaster tomorrow. Regular monitoring and testing ensures that your data will be there when you need it.

Our disaster recovery security services include:

  • Security planning
  • Firewall installation
  • Data recovery solutions
  • Spyware protection
  • Enhanced network security
  • Backup systems
  • Remote monitoring

Benchmark Information Technology provides a full range of computer network and IT consulting services for small and medium-sized businesses throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties. Our team of experienced, Microsoft Certified computer consultants will work with you to design and configure your existing network environment to help you prepare for disaster while maintaining a reliable and stable network infrastructure that can keep pace with your company’s growth. Our multi-stage process is distinguished by expert analysis and effective solutions for all of your IT needs. Let our network engineers help minimize your company downtime and maximize your uptime, freeing you to focus on growing your business. You’ll discover newfound peace of mind knowing that your network is protected in case of a disaster.

Benchmark Information Technology is a Microsoft Certified Partner and a Microsoft Certified Networking Infrastructure Solutions Partner. All of our services are performed by Microsoft Certified computer consultants. Benchmark Information Technology has a long and successful history of providing IT support services to a variety of organizations, including those bound by regulatory and ethical requirements regarding confidentiality and data security – including law firms, CPA practices, healthcare providers, investment firms, and nonprofit entities.

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