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Benchmark Information Technology delivers virtualization services that will support your small to medium-sized business methods and goals.

Our Microsoft Certified computer consultants will analyze your network infrastructure and devise a strategy that meets all of your virtualization needs – consulting, design, implementation, monitoring and support.

The following examples underscore the multiple features and benefits of a Benchmark Information Technology virtualization installation.

Faster and Simpler Backup and Recovery

Even servers used on a day-to-day basis that have not been virtualized can benefit from a backup and recovery environment that does utilize virtualization. If a backup method is implemented that works well with virtualization (such as an image-based backup), recovery from a failed server can be greatly simplified. A backup and data recovery server (BDR) can be available in the environment in case a problem occurs with one or more of the production servers. The failed physical server can in many cases be recovered to a virtual server on the BDR long before replacement parts could arrive to fix the production machine. This means that critical services (like email) and information (like a customer database) can be made accessible to employees in the shortest time possible so your company’s network can keep running and your employees can keep working. And by building a virtual environment, our computer consultants can recover several physical servers to a single BDR unit. Without this ability, a client might need to buy a backup server for each and every production server “just in case,” even though these servers might go unused for years. Alternatively, a company’s employees might have to wait so long for the recovery of important server functions that the business itself is put in jeopardy.

Server Consolidation

Many business owners and IT managers are faced with older servers that deliver unreliable, sluggish performance that are well past warranty coverage and have unreliable data backup systems. After consulting with our virtualization experts many chose to replace their multiple servers with a single new physical server, enabling them to run several “virtual” servers on that one new server. By decreasing the number of servers, they cut their hardware costs.

Improved Ease of Management

This type of consolidation makes it easier to manage and backup critical business data, as hardware upgrades can be done with the click of several buttons rather than having to power down an actual machine, install hardware, verify changes and power back up again. Virtual machine management can also be performed through a console server, which reduces deployment time. It’s also easier and faster to recover backed-up data in case of disaster.

Lower Operating Costs

Paying energy costs on just one server translates to big savings, and helps create a “greener” work environment. Moreover, if one of the servers that has been consolidated is running a legacy application, the client can maintain that application without having to dedicate new hardware to keep it running. In many cases, these older systems are not very demanding and can easily be run within a virtual server. This results in a savings of hardware, space and energy costs. Virtualization also allows us to move important server functions to fast new hardware covered by a current warranty.

The increasing complexity of today’s computer networks requires an IT consulting company with the knowledge and experience to provide the technology solutions that will help keep your business competitive and profitable. Many of our clients have taken advantage of our virtualization services to improve the reliability, performance and security of their networks while reducing operating costs.

Benchmark Information Technology is a Microsoft Certified Partner and a Microsoft Certified Networking Infrastructure Solutions Partner. All of our services are performed by Microsoft Certified IT consultants, who will design and implement a virtualization plan for your existing network, while maintaining a stable network infrastructure that keeps pace with your company’s growth.

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