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It goes without saying that your employees need instant and uninterrupted access to internal and external communications in order for your business to remain productive and profitable. The solution is to let Benchmark Information Technology put Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 to work for your small or medium-sized business.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 puts your employees in full control of email, voicemail, fax messaging and more. This reliable, trouble-free software lets them focus on job performance rather than technology issues.

The experienced IT consultants at Benchmark Information Technology can handle all of your Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 needs, from installation to migration and more.

Improve your company’s operational efficiency and increase profits with the advanced protection, features, and limitless access that Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 delivers — at a price that’s kind to your bottom line.

Check out Microsoft Exchange Server 2010’s great features and benefits:

Built-in Protection

Want built-in protective technologies that automatically reduce spam and viruses and protect against phishing, as well as enable secure and confidential communication in both in-house and off-site environments? Exchange Server 2010 delivers. (And helps reduce network maintenance headaches.) The software also boasts integral features that facilitate regulatory compliance across the entire spectrum of your company’s operations.

Anywhere Access*

Among the many advantages of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is its ability to provide your employees with instant, unlimited access to such vital business tools as email, voice mail and fax messaging. This ensures that they remain connected – and productive – in the office, at home or on the road. Exchange Server 2010 also provides a fast, seamless and familiar Microsoft Office Outlook experience across different devices. Employees can manage their calendars, schedules and contacts with one application, helping to streamline and better manage their workload. Exchange and Outlook also makes it faster and easier for employees to identify and manage different message systems, as well as access individual voice mail, fax and email messages. All of these features are fully compatible with your IT network.

Your online messaging needs are also covered with Exchange Server 2010’s redesigned and revamped Outlook Web Access, which provides you with the most advanced and convenient Web mail client on the market. Employees will benefit from such features as scheduling assistance, improved search functions, and more versatile document viewing functions.

Outlook Voice Access offers similar upgrades. It goes far beyond traditional systems to not only provide employees with hands-free access to voice mail, but also to email, personal calendars, personal contacts, company directories and more. The text-to-speech email function can deliver audio playback in the same language as the original message. Employees can also tale advantage of a wide range of scheduling and contact options.

*Anywhere access requires Internet connectivity. Outlook Voice Access requires phone connectivity.

Operational Efficiency

Exchange Server 2010 gets more from your hardware, software and network investments through the power of x64 computing and bandwidth-optimizing routing algorithms. It also improves administrator productivity by making it easier to find and fix problems, automate tasks more smoothly, and simplify deployment with automatic client connections, a new server roles-based architecture, and improved diagnostics and monitoring. All of this provides powerful assistance to your network infrastructure, and lessens the likelihood of costly network downtime.

The Outlook Experience

In addition to the benefits and capabilities described above, Exchange Server 2010 offers the best integration with the broadest range of clients. Exchange Server supports a complete Outlook experience – from Outlook on the Desktop to Outlook Web Access to Outlook Mobile to the new Outlook Voice Access (a feature of Exchange Unified Messaging). Exchange Server also integrates with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and other Office applications as well as third-party systems and devices.

Make Benchmark Information Technology Your Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Support Team

For more information on how Exchange Server 2010 can improve your company’s overall messaging system, please call Benchmark Information Technology at (866) 326-1427, email us at , or fill out our web form. We can help you evaluate your company’s specific IT computer support needs, and discuss how an installation or upgrade to Exchange Server 2010 can enhance your company’s internal email interactions.

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