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Benchmark Information Technology has a full range of Terminal Services 2008 consulting, support, migration and upgrade needs for your small or medium-sized business. In order to remain competitive and profitable, it’s critically important to have an IT company that can keep you on pace with today’s rapidly evolving server network technology.

Terminal Services 2008 lets you efficiently deploy and maintain applications, as well as easily deploy programs from a central location. Program upgrades and maintenance are easier because programs are installed on the terminal server and not on the client computer.

Microsoft’s Terminal Services 2008 is user-friendly, fast and fully functional. It provides technologies that enable you to access Windows-based programs that are installed on a Terminal server, or access the full Windows desktop. Whether you want to install a new server with Terminal Services 2008, or upgrade from your existing server, Benchmark Information Technology will apply the highest professional standards and service to help you with the transition.

Why Use Terminal Services 2008?

There are numerous benefits from deploying a program on a terminal server instead of on each device. Here are just a few:

  • You can quickly deploy Windows-based programs to computing devices across an enterprise. Terminal Services is especially useful when you have programs that are frequently updated, infrequently used, or difficult to manage.
  • Terminal Services can significantly reduce the network bandwidth that is required to access remote applications.
  • Terminal Services enhances user productivity. Users can access programs that are running on a terminal server from devices such as home computers, kiosks, low-powered hardware, and operating systems other than Windows.
  • Terminal Services provides better program performance for branch office workers who need access to centralized data stores. Data-intensive programs sometimes do not have client/server protocols that are optimized for low-speed connections. Programs of this kind frequently perform better over a Terminal Services connection than over a typical wide area network.

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