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Benchmark Information Technology offers a broad range of wireless network security solutions to protect the integrity and privacy of your valuable information.

Our Microsoft Certified computer consultants will perform a risk-assessment analysis of your existing network and identify potential wireless security leaks, then implement solutions custom tailored to your business needs.

We can help protect your email, client information, financial records, and much more.

Along with the freedom and convenience of having a wireless network comes added vulnerability to wireless-specific external threats. Statistics show that more than 60% of wireless WiFi networks used by small and medium-sized businesses are unprotected against hackers and other intruders. Such companies leave themselves wide open to account and password capture; email, instant messaging and website traffic capture; unauthorized access to desktop information; access to corporate records and client records; and wireless spam and virus attacks.

Our Microsoft Certified IT consultants will design and implement the following protection protocols:

  • Implement a security policy that protects your IT infrastructure
  • Change your router’s default settings to protect usernames, passwords and other valuable information
  • Install WiFi Protected Access (WPA), to prevent hackers from breaching outmoded encryption measures
  • Install software firewalls for individual computers and deploy a hardware firewall that protects your entire network

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Benchmark Information Technology is a Microsoft Certified Partner and a Microsoft Certified Networking Infrastructure Solutions Partner. All of our services are performed by Microsoft Certified computer consultants. To find out more about how Benchmark Information Technology can help protect your business from wireless network security threats, call us toll free at (866) 326-1427, email us at or fill out our web form.

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