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Securing Your Business Information

Just because you’ve implemented security protocols for your computer network doesn’t guarantee the safety of your critical information. As technology evolves, so do the various ways in which cyber criminals can hack into your systems and steal your data—with devastating consequences to your company’s financial well being. The message is simple: never take your safeguards for granted, and always be on the alert against data theft. Continually look for ways to upgrade your security, so your employees can utilize and deploy your business information securely onsite and offsite. Here are some proactive measures you can take to keep you one step ahead of cyber thieves.

Provide Security Instruction

Work with your IT provider to update security procedures on a regular basis, and keep your employees informed of each upgrade. Inform them how to recognize threats to email and social media communication, and to avoid suspicious downloads that can harm your computer network. Advise them on how to create effective and safe passwords, and make sure they comply with all security measures.

Protect Data in Case of Disaster

Being prepared will help you maintain your business operations in the event of a disaster or online attack. Make sure you have a data backup plan in place in the event of loss of power, file corruption or server failure. Have backup batteries on hand so employees can continue to use their mobile devices. And battery-powered mobile printers can give you hard copies of important documents even if your system is compromised.

Reduce Offsite Threats

The mobile technology that lets your employees access important data while working outside the office is also vulnerable to savvy cyber criminals. Minimize the danger by encrypting your business data, instituting password protection policies, and guarding against unauthorized downloads.

Conduct Regular Security Updates

Your best defense against security threats is to emulate the Boy Scouts and be prepared. Have your IT provider conduct periodic network and backup security tests, and keep you informed of new threats to your computer system and information. Taken together, these measures will dramatically increase your security and reduce your vulnerability to external and internal cyber threats

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