Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking platform that gathers and organizes a user’s digital notes in one place.

With about 1 billion users, Microsoft was driven to enhance and improve digital note-taking, which can be especially helpful in the workplace.
Below are 4 useful features of Microsoft OneNote.

Tools & Add-ons

OneNote’s plethora of add-ins and tools enables versatile and flexible note-taking. Users can draw, highlight, enter text, and zoom into note files. Another useful tool is the web clipper that allows users to save articles and images from the Web. Countless other add-ons can be downloaded for free on OneNote.

Organization & Collaboration

OneNote is organized into three tiers: notebooks, sections, and notes. The tier system categorizes notes, making them easier to find and identify. Notes can be simultaneously edited and shared amongst co-workers, colleagues, and other organizations, which can help promote collaboration as well.

Free App Across Devices

Users can access OneNote on most devices, including iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. The app can be downloaded through Windows Store or Apple’s App Store. The mobility of OneNote can allow for new notes or quick changes on-the-go as needed.

Evernote Converter

Evernote has been a popular note-taking tool as well, and Evernote users can be hesitant about switching to OneNote. Luckily, OneNote includes an importing tool that allows users to convert Evernote notebooks into OneNote.
OneNote brings note-taking to the next level by its high-level performance and functionality. Those who regularly take work notes or need a quicker note-taking method could highly benefit from this advanced note-taking platform.