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There are many reasons why more companies are turning to Benchmark Information Technology for their IT needs. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some typical client observations on our track record of performance and customer care.

Scott V.

Van Diest Bros, Inc.

“I can’t overemphasize the value that Benchmark Information Technology brings to the table in terms of their efficiency, experience, fast response time and expert technology guidance. It’s no wonder we’ve been with them since 2001. They’re always there when we need them, and they watch over our network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

James P.

The Seegmiller Law Firm

“One of the reasons we feel so comfortable with Benchmark Information Technology is that they bring the same passion to servicing our computer network as our attorneys to do serving our clients. Benchmark’s computer professionals are not only expert at their job, they’re also honest, reliable, straightforward and easy to work with. They’re the most responsive IT service we’ve ever used.”

Kim O.

Onisko & Scholz, LLP

“As a rapidly growing Certified Public Accounting firm, Onisko & Scholz, LLP is concerned with the bottom line — both for our clients and ourselves. Since 2000, we have utilized Steve Quinn and Benchmark Information Technology for our IT needs. Their role is that of a trusted advisor who helps us strategize how to best use technology for our current and future requirements. BIT recently introduced us to a program — available only to qualified CPA firms — that helped us reduce software costs by 75 percent. They introduced us to multiple remote access systems that allow personnel to connect from almost anywhere – this includes CITRIX, SBS, Web-Based software and smart phones. Our bottom line is much better off thanks to Benchmark Information Technology’s expertise, responsiveness and reliability.”

Greg S.

Caritas Partners Inc.

“During the course of my career in commercial real estate development, I’ve discovered that when it comes to selecting an IT provider, the key factor is trust. Our success in this industry relies in part on how we handle and protect sensitive corporate data, especially for large-scale projects like industrial parks and shopping malls. Entrusting an individual or company with this responsibility is not a decision taken lightly. Benchmark Information Technology has been for my preferred network specialist for the real estate companies I have been involved with more than a decade. BIT has provided unparalleled security throughout all phases of my business — including project selection, leasing, financing and construction. I think that speaks for itself.”

Keith P.

Noble Distribution

“We learned the hard way that having an in-house IT technician can be problematic. Replacing our one-man-show with the team of IT professionals at Benchmark Information Technology has been one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made. Our server issues are a thing of the past, and Benchmark gives us smart and strategic advice on all of our network technology needs. With our network concerns a thing of the past - we can now focus our clients. We’ve been with them since 2008 and couldn’t be happier.”

John F.

AAA Pressure Washers

“Before we began working with Benchmark Information Technology, our company experienced a number of recurring network problems, including lost data files and susceptibility to viruses. They quickly stabilized our system and have subsequently seen us through several technical transitions and upgrades. They have also worked closely with our employees to help them better understand how our network works. Thanks to BIT, we enjoy a functional, cost-effective network.”

Casey G.

TPC Plastics

“As one of Asia’s leading producers of plastic products, we had made what we considered a significant investment in our IT infrastructure. While we weren’t experiencing any major problems, our senior management felt that our network wasn’t performing up to its potential. At our request, Benchmark Information Technology analyzed our network and then demonstrated ways to more productively utilize our existing technology. BIT also introduced an add-on product to our accounting system that helped us to get our warehouse inventory under control. Their recommendations have greatly increased our productivity, with a correspondingly positive effect on our profits.”

Mike S.

Quinoa Corporation

“We are one of the largest importers of quinoa in the United States, so it’s imperative that our computer systems remain up and running at all times. Benchmark Information Technology provides us with round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance, and regularly recommends specific software and technology and that helps facilitate our ability to proactively manage our business data. Since Benchmark Information Technology became our technology advisor two years ago, we’ve noted a significant upgrade in the performance and reliability of our network infrastructure. Their prompt and professional service is unmatched in my experience.”

Susan A.

Solheim Lutheran Home

“What I value most about Benchmark Information Technology is the fact that they take the time to listen. They are genuinely interested in the IT issues we face, and thoroughly analyze our network infrastructure before making service recommendations. When it comes time to implement that service, their response time, attention to detail and commitment to keeping us in the loop is second to none. What differentiates them from other IT companies is that they act as our technology advisor, making guidance recommendations based on our long-term goals and objectives.”

Scott T.

Pacific Charter School Development

“We have enough on our plate creating charter school facilities that we don’t need to be distracted or slowed down by computer network problems. Benchmark Information Technology makes sure that we never are. They keep our network running, monitor it around the clock, and respond immediately when technical issues do arise. They help keep our mission on track, which makes us happy and benefits the deserving communities we serve.”

Rosie D.

Transitainer, LLC

“Few IT companies fully understand the specific challenges of an international freight company like ours. Benchmark Information Technology does, and they consistently deliver expert and expedited IT service that helps us retain our competitive edge. They’re fast and dependable, and never make promises they can’t keep. The fact that they’re nearby adds another confidence to our relationship.”

Andrea W.

McBrearty and Ware, Professional Law Corporation

“We have worked with Benchmark Information Technology for twelve years. Their technical knowledge and expertise keeps our network running smoothly, their response time is exceptional, and we since we don’t have to hire a full-time IT employee, we save a bundle. And on a purely personal level, they are great people to work with.”

James G.

Gorlitz Sewer & Drain, Inc.

“Why do we use Benchmark Information Technology for our IT needs? It’s simple. They’re friendly and easy to deal with. They’re extremely knowledgeable about our infrastructure, our products and our services. They respond instantly when called, and resolve issues quickly and to our total satisfaction. And they regularly keep us informed of technology advances that can benefit our efficiency and our bottom line. IT doesn’t get much better than that.”