Many company owners face this problem: an employee quits or is let go, so measures must be taken to make sure company data isn’t compromised.

Establishing and enforcing theft prevention can help protect company data and diminish liability down the road.

Below are 3 immediate actions that companies can take to strengthen theft prevention

Eliminating employee access is probably the most important and most obvious task after an employee leaves a company. Clean the slate by obtaining keys or keycards, changing passwords, and having the employee sign a confidentiality document before he or she leaves. Implementing or changing multi-factor authentication may also provide an extra layer or security.

Writing clear and detailed policies can inform all parties of the rules and procedures around data protection. An Acceptable Use Policy can be an effective reference for employees in case questions or concerns arise. Outlining violations and penalties would also be necessary. Additionally, completed policy documents can be handed to onboarding employees who can then learn the policies right away.

Developing a security culture within the company can help employees stay accountable. Conducting employee training on data protection may keep the company versed on the dos and don’ts around information security.

As previously mentioned, an Acceptable Use Policy acts as a guide that raises security awareness and sets clear boundaries.

A company can team up with its IT department and develop strategies around theft prevention and the company’s best interests. Theft prevention is crucial to IT security and can offer some peace of mind as employees are granted access to a network.