Cybersecurity related damages from cyberattacks will total up to $6 trillion by 2021. Heavy damages may even mean the end of the road for some companies.

Companies are vulnerable to cybersecurity gaps when they ignore weak points and lack essential IT capabilities.

To avoid the devastating costs of ransomware and stolen data, it’s important to minimize gaps as much as possible. Below are 3 ways companies can plug cybersecurity gaps.

1) Train Employees

Security awareness training and informed employees can plug many cybersecurity gaps. Employees were known to cause about half of security breaches, as reported in 2016. Therefore, treating employees as integral to cybersecurity goes a long way.

Set up multi-layered user authentication and conduct security awareness training on a periodic basis. Make sure trainings cover the latest IT concerns so that everyone is up to date.

2) Strengthen the IT Team

Ensure that IT personnel or Managed Service Provider (MSP) are fully capable of managing an organization’s IT infrastructure. IT people should consistently pursue continuing education, given the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Individuals in IT departments and MSPs must be on the same page when it comes to security and backup strategies. They should also regularly assess security components to identify gaps and make sure technologies, controls, and procedures are cohesive.

3) Strategize Partnerships

Partnering with a strategic consultant or adopting a cloud service can also bridge some gaps. Consultants can evaluate and provide an outside perspective on an organization’s strengths and weaknesses to help discover the best solutions.

Businesses may also use a cloud service as another security tool. Additionally, Cloud may be a more affordable and cost-effective option or an added layer of security.

Cybercriminals search day and night for a company’s weak spots. Reduce your organization’s vulnerability to cyberattacks by staying aware of gaps in your IT infrastructure.