Network assessments are essential for all organizations.


Because an assessment can reveal crucial information about your network that can be beneficial to your entire company.

Think of a network assessment as a yearly checkup with your doctor. You receive a physical every year to look for abnormalities in your health.

The same concept applies to your IT network, especially because IT networks are often the backbone of a company. Read on to know why your organization could benefit from a network assessment.

External Review

A network assessment provides your organization with a list of recommendations and a detailed review of your network operations. Your outside consultant would use his or her own tools and experience, bringing in a fresh insight. Also, an outside perspective helps identify issues that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Take Inventory

Network assessments scan your Internet, computer activity, user activity, security, and backups. With these scans, you may learn of risks or issues that are present in your network and be able to potentially prevent issues in the future.

Budget Building

Your organization may build an IT budget based on the list of recommendations uncovered by a network assessment. By determining your network needs, you may allot your company finances towards the necessary tools and equipment that can make your network run more efficiently and ultimately become more secure.

Strengthened Network

A network assessment identifies your network’s weak points, which you may not have been aware of. Thus, your IT staff can immediately target those weak points and implement changes and improvements as needed.

Maintain Integrity

Conducting an annual network assessment can help maintain your company’s overall network integrity. Your consultant will be able to compare your network versus industry best practices.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a blanket solution for all networks. Every organization is unique, which is more of a reason to conduct an annual assessment.

Network assessments are a way to ensure system fluidity and can prevent an IT crisis down the road.