Though your in-house IT personnel may be doing an overall great job day-to-day, a specialized organization of specialists can supplement a number of IT activities and skills.

If you’ve experienced any of the following scenarios, it may be time to consider some support for your in-house IT employees

1) Your in-house IT team is overwhelmed

What happens when your in-house IT employee is struggling to juggle multiple issues at once? They may have to work longer hours to complete all the necessary tasks, quickly leading to burnout and potential oversight. However, those longer days could still be insufficient to cover routine maintenance, network upgrades or other important tasks. This can persuade employees to settle with temporary fixes, leaving your business vulnerable to a myriad of both internal and external threats

2) Your business has projects to complete

Sometimes your existing staff may be at their full bandwidth with their existing daily workload. This restricts time allotted for projects, (even simple ones) such as installing new desktop computers or implementing new software. Outsourcing a company that can take on these tasks provides more hands to accomplish important tasks.

3) You need additional or specialized skills for certain activities

Perhaps your IT staff requires a specific skill set they don’t currently possess. For example – you decide it’s time to migrate to a newer version of Exchange and your employee has no experience doing so. Or, perhaps you need to deepen your network security resources. An outsourced IT specialist can execute and manage deployments of newer technology as well as guide your company on best practices.

Outsourced IT companies assist with any prolonged or specialized projects that have been unfinished for longer than intended while supplementing your current staff. Hiring a professional outsourcedIT company can alleviate stress on your IT staff and minimize any future vulnerabilities.