A PC needs a tune-up on occasion, just like a car requires a routine oil change. Because business owners often get caught up in critical work matters, IT maintenance is easily forgotten for months or even years. By scheduling consistent tune-ups, you can avoid this common issue.

To instantly tune-up your company’s PCs, check out this 3-item to-do list:

1) Professional Monitoring and Maintenance

IT specialists offer professional monitoring and maintenance. Monitoring and maintenance cover a variety of everyday actions. Further, check for updates to sustain a PC’s peak performance. This results in system fixes, anti-virus, and security patches.

2) Declutter Unnecessary Programs

You should be mindful of programs that haven’t been accessed and are currently hogging space. When you uninstall unused programs, you’ll notice a marked improvement in your PC. Programs are often pre-installed, yet take up precious storage space. Use the Control Panel to remove any unnecessary software. Additionally, If you are using older technology or operating systems, review performance with the help of IT specialists to determine whether replacement is needed.

3) Optimize Startup and Hard Drive

To further improve PC performance, manage startup programs and data storage. Moreover, set a slow PC to turn off at the end of the workday. On that note, an excessive amount of startup programs slows performance speed. Delete or disable programs that are not necessary when starting up the PC to remedy this problem. Use the Windows Storage Sense feature to both optimize your hard drive’s storage and automatically declutter files. You can Toggle on Storage Sense by going to Settings > System > Storage.

Lastly, ensure that your computers are functioning at their best and schedule reminders to tune-up your system.

Use the above points as a checklist for scheduled PC tune-ups.