America is facing a manufacturing renaissance as manufacturers embrace robotics and other automation technologies.

Companies now more than ever are integrating automation technology to make their businesses more viable. Below are 3 benefits of automation that manufacturers can experience.

Increased Production

Robots and automated tools can accelerate manufacturing production. Additionally, improved quality and safer workplaces can result with the help of automation. It’s no wonder that 56 percent of global companies use automation in one way or another, and that percentage will continue to rise.

Competitive Edge
Increase of production and efficiency through automation makes manufacturers more competitive. Manufacturers can expect reduced human errors, a higher return on investment, and less unnecessary expenses. As a result, manufacturers can level the playing field and compete with industry leaders.

New Employment Opportunities
Though automation is taking over human jobs, new positions and skills become available for workers. Automation results in higher capital expenditures but a lower labor component, meaning employees will be required to advance their skills for higher paying and more complex jobs. These jobs include skilled maintenance workers and service technicians.

Automation cannot be ignored as it is completely revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Embracing automation today can help your company reap benefits that can ultimately lead to more success in the future.