Cyber Security Misconceptions Part III

A third issue is that people often think that, the risks are high school kids that have a little too much time in their hands being mischievous.

That may have been one of the primary ways that hacking and viruses were created number of years ago, but today, hacking is big business.

These organizations come from places like Russia, China and many of the former Eastern Bloc countries. They are very well-funded and organized groups that work together with highly paid and highly skilled individuals. Their objective to create methods to attack small businesses in America–because this is where the money is.

Of course, the old line that comes to mind is “why do you attack banks? ‘that’s where the money is‘ “

We have found that the risk is really very different than what business owners think. They’re very likely not too small to be an attractive target, number one. Number two, the fact that they may have been okay in the past is not an indication that they don’t need step up their security game today.

And three, the attacks are coming from very organized and very sophisticated parties. You need to make sure that your IT cyber-security efforts are also very well organized.

Thank you very much.


In our modern world, protecting yourself online is just as important as protecting yourself physically. Terrorism on the streets make major headlines, but Web terrorism is just as real. No one is entirely safe from cybercrime. Make sure your business is taking the necessary precautions.