Ransomware is rampant and ready to attack weak points in a company’s infrastructure at any time. However, there are ways to lessen a company’s vulnerability to these types of threats. Below are 4 ways companies can help protect themselves.

Develop a backup strategy.
Developing a data backup strategy is essential for ransomware defense. Now companies have backup options such as cloud providers, local storage devices, or network attached drives. Assess the risk of each backup strategy implemented and know your company backup objectives.

Promote security awareness.
Promote security awareness in the workplace so that employees can help prevent attacks. Formally training your employees on cybersecurity will dramatically reduce your risk of becoming a victim of ransomware.
Have your training program cover a variety of subjects such as phishing, password security, desktop security, and wireless networks. Educating employees on policies and procedures may also promote a safer network.

Restrict administrative rights.
Restricting administrative rights on company computers and devices can offer some protection against ransomware as well. Setting up company computers to prevent employees from downloading unnecessary applications or visiting certain websites can help limit risk.

Appoint a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
Appoint a Chief Information Security Officer to oversee all the cogs in the company’s cybersecurity system. Also known as a Chief Information Officer (CIO), a CISO ensures that training and compliance is followed through and coordinates with the internal IT team when it comes to security issues, goals, or projects.
Though ransomware is always on the verge of an attack, taking the necessary precautions can keep your company one step ahead.