Team Apps can be a game-changer for you in 2020 —
Most organizations today cannot accomplish much without team efforts.

As the workforce becomes more globalized, remote workers would especially need tools to communicate effectively.

Furthermore, more complex projects may be simplified with a delegation system.
Luckily, programming technology has brought us apps that supplement team collaboration. Below are five such apps that are widely used


Asana is a popular project management tool praised for its simplicity. The software allows users to assign tasks to others, keep track of deadlines, and add followers to projects. Other features include commenting, notetaking, and tagging.


With millions of users, GoToMeeting is a top video conferencing software since 2004. Its features include meeting management and scheduling, screen sharing, user-friendly administrative capabilities, and industry-leading security.


Slack is a platform that includes many features and integrations with tools such as the well-known Trello. Teams can utilize instant messaging, file transfers, message searching and sorting. Additionally, the platform is compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox.


Trello has proven effective with projects and assigning tasks. Users may easily delegate tasks through the software’s unique board and list features. Trello also integrates with Evernote, GitHub, Google Drive, and Slack.


Igloo is a company intranet that enables team members to share and gather ideas and information. The intranet can be a collection of blogs, files, calendars, wikis, newsfeeds, and more. Also, Igloo’s drag-and-drop interface allows for customizable features.

The right tools keep the car running. Determine your team goals to decide which apps can best get the job done.