There are many cyber security misconceptions, but one truth is universal.  The risk of losing company data is one of the most devastating, yet preventable, realities in business today.

The second topic covered is the fact that many businesses believe they’ll always be fine simply because they are not currently experiencing an attack. Best case: a company is blissfully unaware of ever-evolving methods of data seizure. Worst case: a cyber criminal uses this to exploit a business.

The sophistication and aggressiveness of hackers today exceeds anything we’ve seen in the past.

And so we very often see organizations with very serious cyber-attack problems where they’d never had a problem in the past.

Hackers’ effectiveness has increased to the degree that unless you step up your security game, you’re at a disadvantage. Staying vigilant is only scraping the surface when it comes to protective measures. When it comes to your data, advanced security and monitoring is your best defense.