Microsoft Office 365 provides several features that can help small businesses maintain efficiency and production. In this technologically driven world, new computer systems and programs emerge fast. Keeping up with changes and staying up-to-date can require more effort than necessary.

Because of its features, Microsoft Office 365 allows companies to focus less on IT and more on creating and collaborating on a big project. Below are four Office 365 features that can help your small businesses move forward.

Data Loss Prevention

Data is what drives a company, so data protection is essential. The data stored in Office 365 is backed up and secured in the Cloud 24/7. More and more companies are relying on IT security through the Cloud, which is why it’s a major component in the Office 365 platform.

Growth Scalability

Companies only pay for the Office 365 products they need – no more, no less. As the company grows, your Office 365 plan grows along with it. As a result, your company saves on unnecessary additional costs on software and other technology.
Access on Any Device
Cloud technology allows Office 365 to be accessible on any device. Therefore, employees may complete work tasks outside of office hours or on devices other than their work computers.

Easy Migration

Data migration to Office 365 is an easy one-time transition and can be achieved from any older platform. Once in Office 365, users will receive new program updates that do not require additional data migration.


Office 365 can be a significant tool for data management, work projects, employee engagement, and other company duties. Other great features include fully-installed Office apps on up to 15 devices per user, customer relationship management, and 24/7 phone and web support on select plans. Assessing company goals can help to determine whether these features can complement company tasks.